Prospere is a public relations and advertising agency specializing in total communication within the industries of fashion, culture, and entertainment. We build awareness for, and protect the image of brands and products by increasing visibility in magazines, newspapers, web medias, and TV. We also offer an SMP (Social Media Promotions) service and casting service to create and conduct a wide range of PR plans and meet our clients' needs.


 Public Relations

We increase visibility by leasing samples in our showroom, writing and sending out press releases, and gaining publicity in magazines, TV and other media.


We plan advertorials and advertisements, and produce catalogues, DM, and homepages. Also we help our clients develop new products and services by variety of means including collaboration with media or other companies. We help casting of shooting staff and production staff.

 PR events

We provide a total event production service such as planning, marketing, inviting guests, and operation for press conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, in-shop events, street events etc.

 Celebrity promotion

We work with celebrities to develop collaboration products in addition to leasing samples or giving products to them to gain visibility in media.

 PR consulting

We support you in building in-house PR structures for all types of communication with press.

 Media information system

We have developed our own database of editors, journalists, stylists and VIP and keep the information updated all the time.


We provide a styling service for events, models, and celebrities.

 Sales representation

We sell your products to department stores, retailer etc. fully responding to wholesalers' needs.


We offer a high quality blogger service working with influential fashion, beauty, food, travel, culture bloggers including professional journalists and writers.


Widely and effectively spread information through various social media such as blogs, Twitter, and facebook.

 Marketing & PR strategies

We help you collect opinions and information from bloggers as reliable consumers to support your marketing and PR strategies.


We offer a casting service for CM, fashion events, press events, talk shows, advertisements etc. by selecting models and celebrities that best match our clients’ needs.